Urban Wear

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Urban Wear

Top Urban Wear For Men

There are lots of urban wear designed and suited for men. This is a fashion category popularly known as a brand, locally and internationally, especially amongst the youths. The urban wardrobe contains items like footwear, handbags, jewelry, and many more accessories that you can match up. Men who love hip hop outfits and rap music will most likely love urban choices too. Urban means informal, but the introduction of jewelry and accessories gave it that shiny and colorful touch the street needs. Urban clothing is designed for different purposes. Men and women can style up their urban outfits with pants, jeans, or shoes that vary. What makes the difference is the uniqueness and the attitude you add to your urban outfit. Below are some of the top urban clothing designed specifically for men.

Urban Wear Materials

#1.  T-shirts

This urban t-shirt is one of the most suitable and comfortable clothes for warm weather. Made of 100% cotton, these t-shirts are also lightweight and can be found in cool white and black solid colors. The t-shirts can also be customized and designed with cool prints and patterns to your taste. It can be worn for a casual outing or function.

#2. Caps

Urban clothing includes caps that are cool and ever attractive. These caps can be worn with any urban outfit of your choice, like joggers, baggy tops, or jackets with hoodies. It gives a studded look when worn stylishly with other cloth items. Rock this urban cap to get that urban street look you want.

#3. Backpacks

Get backpacks that have cool designs like skull heads and flowers. They bring a fresh and fun feel to your outfits. There are different styles of backpacks you can always pair with your tops to look hippy and cool. It all depends on your unique taste of dressing. 

#4. Sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have for any urban freak wardrobe. They are trendy footwears that give a stylish and rebellious look to your outfit. Most fashionable sneakers are made with denim and are super comfy when worn for any casual outing. 

#5. Sunglasses

One of the most fun accessories of all time is sunglasses. Besides being hippy, they come in different sizes and shapes that suit your choice of preference. Ensure to get urban sunglasses that complete your look this summer.

#6. Cardigan

Modernization in the urban fashion world, there are various articles of clothing that have become more versatile. Sometimes, the choice of clothes you wear depends on your body type.  Cardigans for men are specifically designed to suit their body structure. They are also suitable to keep the body warm. It gives off a casual sleek look that doesn’t need you trying so hard to achieve. Stay ever cool, warm, and fresh with your own urban Cardigan. 

Other urban clothing are:






In today’s market, urban fashion is still growing and blooming. The versatile nature and various designs of urban clothing give room to create more and make big fashion statements in the world. The Slime Collection offers a ton of urban wear similar to giants like Urban Outfitters

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