Urban Girl Clothing

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Urban Girl Clothing Review

Urban Girl Clothing is a small boutique based in the Los Angeles area. The company has been established for seven years selling basic clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor items. Many of the items are imported from the Asian and European regions. browse 58, uity urban girl clothing and images on the internet, or open a new search to look more urban girl clothing and imagery. The brand started out as a small one- proprietor business, and currently is run by sisters Rica and Jasmine Brooks.


Urban Girl Clothing began simply enough with Jasmine Brooks walking down the street in a track suit to find a piece of clothing that looked like a skirt. It was sheer, and it was pink. She was sold on the idea that the skirt could be her new line of clothing. Since then Urban Girl Clothing has gone through many different changes and expansions, all the while staying true to its roots as a clothing brand.


Urban Girl Clothing caters to girls of all ages and sizes. Styles are designed to make young girls feel good about them and to get them feeling great about the way they look. Clothing is made to flatter the girl’s body. Some items have a low slung or flared skirts, others are full length, with beautiful and interesting prints. Bottoms include a very comfortable style called the bun. Other items include sweaters, cardigans, T-shirts, jeans, shorts and sweat pants.


Urban Girl Clothing offers the girls a wide range of selections in many different fun and stylish styles. They are all made with high quality material, and most items can be machine washed and dried in the cold. Many designs consist of embellishments like stickers and sequins that can really dress up an outfit. The line also includes items like jewelry, which is offered in a number of designs, colors and prices.


Every item Urban Girl sells has a detailed description and comes with a list of available products. The prices are very competitive and it is easy for anyone to find something they love and fits them just right. Shopping for these products online is a real pleasure. If you’re planning on buying a lot of these items, the best place to go to is a website like eBay, because there are so many items listed that you will be sure to find exactly what you want.


It’s always a good time to treat yourself to some new clothing, especially if it matches your tastes and style. And there are some very cute pieces that look just like they’re made for little girls. Urban Girl clothing is definitely not for your little boy or even your teenager! But for girls who love to express their individuality, this clothing line is just what they need. You won’t have to worry about being embarrassed or feeling left out when you shop with these fun and funky items. Your friends will be asking you where you got such fabulous clothing and you can tell them you got it at an Urban Girl Clothing store.

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