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Top Unisex Designs You Can Find In Hip Hop Shops


Several hip-hop shops sell clothing designs for both male and female gender. Hip hop lifestyle is continuously evolving and has its dressing, language, and music. It is entirely about passion and when it comes to fashion and wearing it, you would be proud of your outlook. Every hip-hop shop should have the right style and design of hip-hop clothing that will bring out your personality. This is very important because wearing what you love has a way of lifting you and making you stand out from the rest of the world. Unisex wear is designed to look great for both male and female gender. All you need to do is to choose the right shop that will give you a style that fits you perfectly.

Here are a few of the best unisex designs you can find in hip-hop shops


#1. Baggy Pants

Baggy pants or trousers are one of the top unisex wears you can find in the hip hop category. Another type of baggy pants is the Harem pants that gather at the waist, with the help of elastic bands. These pants are loosely fitted on the body of both genders. Baggy jeans also fall into this category. They may be made of a hard or soft material, but most importantly, they are baggy and can be worn with a big-sized shirt or fitted bra top. They are available in different colors and sizes. 

#2. Jackets

If you are familiar with the way street celebrities or musicians dress, you will know that your jackets are a very important part of your wardrobe. These jackets can be found in various styles, designs, and colors, and can be short or long. Depending on your fashion taste or look in mind. Both genders are boldly and comfortable rock the jackets with any other outfits. The clothing you can wear to match your jacket with is your short gowns, leggings, fitted trousers, turtle neck shirts, and many others. 

#3. Jewelry

Jewelleries has always been an important accessory in the fashion world, especially for hip-hop dressings. Both males and females have several stylish pieces of jewelry they can wear on their fingers, neck, wrist, ankles, and other areas of the body. Some of these necklaces are customized with beautiful pendants or bold words. They are all a part of the designs you can find in any hip-hop shop. 

#4. Unisex Footwears

Nothing completes an outfit other than the right accessory and footwear to go with it. This includes sneakers and casual slippers that can be worn by men or women. A lot of these shoes and sneakers are from the same designers who make different styles that can perfectly suit anyone.

#5. Bags, Purse, And Wallets

These are another top set of hip-hop designs you can purchase in a hip-hop shop. Some may be for fashion, others may be designed for other purposes. Hip hop bags may be small or big and may be worn on the back, chest, or waist.  Some of these accessories are made with zips, chains, and pendants kike skull heads on them. All these are in a bid to relay a better description of the hip-hop fashion world.


When it comes to buying your outfits from a hip-hop shop, note that everything in hip-hop fashion is about style. There are different hip-hop unisex styles you can pick from, but your ability to choose the one that suits your personality is important.


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